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Looking for Eyebrow Waxing in the Minneapolis area?

The trained and certified professionals at Twin Cities Lashes strive on creating only the most beautiful and flawless eyebrow arches for clients in the Minneapolis region. Brows that are waxed correctly will only enhance a face. That is why we thoroughly examine each client’s face so we can determine the best way to make the brows look gorgeous and natural.

We work to make sure that your brows do not minimize the stunning appeal of your eyes. Your brows should complement your eyes, not put them in the shade.

During our waxing process, we will take into account the sensitivity of your skin to ensure that you feel completely comfortable and safe. Once we are finished, our post-waxing techniques will keep your skin soft, smooth and free of irritation. For the best results, contact us and make an appointment to wax your brows every 4 to 5 weeks.

If you feel that your eyebrows are distracting and you are in need of brow waxing services, contact Twin Cities Lashes today! We offer affordable brow waxing for clients in Minneapolis, St. Louis Park, Minnetonka, Golden Valley, and throughout the surrounding suburbs.

For more information on what we offer, please visit our services page.